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United Kingdom


  • Multi IMSI SIMcard with more than one mobile number installed. Actual Global +44, US +1 and UK mainland +44
  • Using advanced GSM / 3G technology for high quality prepaid and post-paid voice communication
  • Call-through at local tariffs with the national and call-back system when using the Global roaming mobile number
  • Automatic SIM switch from local network to global network when going abroad and vice-versa
  • Coverage in more than 170 countries around the world
  • Low prices, starting at EUR 0.06/min
  • Subscriber can place a “local” call to and from each of those countries. Worldwide communication
  • Saving of up to 80% when calling abroad
  • Multiple IMSIs and Multiple MSISDN (mobile number) on a single SIM card
  • Subscriber is reachable on all activated mobile numbers, anywhere, anytime
  • Full cost control
  • No hidden costs
  • Enduser “MyAccount” application
  • Optionally, the fully integrated VoIP Services allow even more cost-efficient communication compared to “local” tariffs.